Like most people I’ve had a long journey from early days of being a reluctant public speaker. But over the years I’ve found that talking with an engaged audience about something I’m interested in can be a lot of fun.

Get in touch if you’re looking for someone to talk about user experience, managing uncertainty and change, facilitating collaborative processes, lean/agile research and creativity in general.

The video below is a talk I did in 2016 about user research and why it matters: ‘Why Research?’ by Brian Frank from ResolutionIM on Vimeo.

The slides below are from a talk I did about Continuous Discovery at UX Centre Stage 2018 put on by the London, ON chapter of Ladies that UX. This one was somewhat theoretical, about the type of mindset required to do research and strategy in agile environments.

The slides below are from a talk I gave on Rethinking Search Results page designs at the #PSEWEB Conference, also in 2018. This was fairly practical and tactical about things designers should consider when designing search results.