Brian Frank

I’m a multi-disciplinary researcher, writer, strategist, and creative journeyman driven to understand and reshape our evolving relationship with technology.

My official day job is Lead UX Research at ResIM, a user experience design, research, and strategy team based in London, Ontario, Canada. We help organizations tailor websites, applications, and other digital services to their customers’ behaviours and needs. My current obsessions are facilitating better collaborative processes and articulating the relationship between research and creativity — or science and design as different approaches to uncertainty.

Prior to ResIM, I worked at an IT research, advisory, and consulting firm. Toward the end of my tenure I managed a small team that developed do-it-yourself guides that IT folks used to improve their project and portfolio management practices — incorporating agile methods into traditional business environments, improving throughput, streamlining project intake and prioritization, defining clearer technology roadmaps, and managing organizational change.

Before that I did freelance writing and communications strategy. I spent most of the ’00s working to understand everything from human motivation to the philosophy of time.

In 2010 I wrote a book about pragmatic approaches to dealing with uncertainty and technology-enabled change.