Have Any Favourite Posts?

Posted by on 07.09.2009 in a2bb, civics, media

I’m working on trying to select and organize some of my best posts into a book I’ll publish through Lulu.

If you have any you like — or stuck in your mind at least — or if you’ve been reading without ever commenting, now’s the time to say something.

The working title is “The World Turned Upside-Down,” referring to all of the symbolic (though not merely symbolic) events in the past year that represent a kind of 180º historical turn — a lot of things that directly contradict the assumptions held by past generations of leaders.

And it all just happened to be at a time in my life that I was:

  1. relatively free from both professional and social commitments, so I could devote almost all of my free time to following these events
  2. feeling very motivated to spend a lot of energy thinking and writing about them
  3. knowledgeable enough about social media that I could pick up most of the tools and find most of the right voices without much trouble
  4. still such a newbie that I had plenty of enthusiasm to keep me going

It was a lot of fun but it’s time to move on.

Making a book out of it is a way of condensing and encapsulating all of that experience into a few key insights and lessons for the next set of challenges and opportunities.

The notion I want to focus on has to do with social media and the power of citizens — i.e. a system that works more from the bottom-up than it used to, hence, “the world turned upside-down.”

That should give you an idea of where it’s going and what sort of posts I plan to use.

The first one is probably going to be the two-parter from August on future media models. That can be read as kind of a template or outline for the argument I want to support with the book; the rest of the content will fit around that somehow — either explicitly or as a kind of working demonstration, or to provide more contextual for the kind of world we have now.

Obviously I can’t use anything that contains a lot of material excerpted from other people’s articles and blogs. Most will probably come from my essay-type posts.

I’ll be very grateful for any input and I’ll acknowledge all responses. And of course you’ll also receive my undying appreciation and respect… can’t afford to buy you beer though — coffee, hmmmmaybe…